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How does knowing about the plan of salvation affect my life

Because God loves us and desires an intimate friendship with us. God's plan of salvation has one goal, to connect God with his redeemed ones in the closest of relationships..

In Genesis 9:5-6, God reminds Noah that man is made in God's image: Whoever sheds man's blood by man his blood shall be shed, for in the image of God He made man. To attack a person is to attack God through his image bearer. Another passage, James 3:9, also reminds us that human beings are made in God's image: With the tongue we bless our. Prophets of God have always sought to explain the purpose of life by teaching the plan of salvation, also known as "the great plan of happiness" (Alma 42:8). Through inspiration, parents can. Salvation is being saved from our sins and accepting God’s gift of eternal life. When you accept God’s salvation, you can be at peace about your future. You don’t have to live in fear because God has promised to save you from the eternal consequences of sin. When we choose salvation, we accept that we are God’s children..

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Jan 04, 2022 · God’s plan of salvation – The What. In God’s plan of salvation, God Himself is the only one who can provide for our salvation. We are utterly unable to save ourselves because of our sin and its consequences. God became a human being in the Person of Jesus Christ ( John 1:1, 14 ). Jesus lived a sinless life ( 2 Corinthians 5:21; Hebrews 4: ....

The primary premise in Christianity is that the incarnation and death of Jesus is the only way humans can achieve salvation. There had to be a sacrifice in order for God to forgive sins. There are several problems with the notion of Jesus dying for human sin. Among them is that God Himself dies and God is the one who pays for the sins of others.

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